Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summer Roads on Peaks Island

The lazy days of summer have definitely arrived on Peaks Island. The zaniness, crowds and high energy level of the 4th of July have departed. Now, we're into the weekly renters arriving on the island in their nice black, humongous SUV's loaded down with bikes, kayaks, kids, pets and anything else that will fit in. It's a different form of zaniness but fun to watch.

Just watching the crowds get on and off the boats is a real hoot. Yet, more often than not, you see individuals sitting on rocks looking out to sea utterly lost in their own quiet thoughts or camped out on a porch in a hammock either reading a book or sawing the old zzzzz's. It is heartening to see people take some time to just slow down and be quiet. It is easy to get your body in rhythm with the tides if you give it a chance.

Last weekend, we visited the TEIA clubhouse with some old friends visiting from New Hampshire for the 25th annual Schooner Fare concert. It was just a nice time sitting on the deck overlooking the Bay, watching the sun go down over the Diamond Islands and listening to some good old fashioned folk music with a maritime bent. A great way to spend a late July evening. I hadn't been there in awhile so the camera came with me so enjoy some different views of Peaks Island.


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