Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Calm Before the Storm

Tuesday morning I was awoken really early by the annual sweeping of the streets. Between 10pm and about 8am, two or three rather large street sweepers are barged out from Portland and they make the rounds of Peaks Island cleaning up the winter's deposit of sand from our roads. A definite necessary evil so the bicyclists quit taking headers in the piles of sand, runoff into Casco Bay is cut down and the overall look of the island is greatly improved. Yet, we all scramble for a couple of days looking for a safe parking space, not knowing when we can park again in our usual spots and we all lose a partial night's sleep. Grist for many boat discussions this week indeed.

Since I was up pretty early I walked down to catch the 7:15 boat and it was a stunningly beautiful morning. The sun had pretty much just come up and the sky was still a very deep and clear blue. I couldn't help taking a few pictures of early morning Peaks before we get invaded this weekend by our holiday visitors. I did enjoy the peace and quiet of the moment; take em wherever they occur is my motto! Enjoy the weekend and I hope it's with good friends.


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