Sunday, May 17, 2009

Spring on Peaks Island

Spring and the world of green has definitely returned to Peaks. The green of the lawns and budding leaves has changed our world of "brown" and mud to sheer lush. While the yellows have faded, we still are blessed with purple rhodys everywhere. Tulips and other assorted colors have also returned. Now, we just need the rain to stop, the sun to reappear for a few days and the sound of mowers and returning summer visitors will be upon us for the coming holiday weekend. Already the boats are disgorging numerous out of state plated cars filled to the rafters with plants, chairs, animals and anything else that will be needed this summer.

I was in town a couple of days last week plus walking the dog on a daily basis so the current batch of pictures are a little bit of everything. Enjoy the spring season of rebirth.


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