Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sunny Sunday

Well, finally, some strong, true sunlight is flowing upon the land of Peaks Island. We did have some sun last Wednesday and Thursday. It kept popping in and out from behind the clouds but it was dry enough to get a start on trying to catch up with the ever lengthening grass but start we all did. Of course Friday brought us fog, rain, drizzle, mist mixed in with a few dry moments. The view as the picture shows left a little to be desired.

Yet---- kaboom!!. Yesterday, while heading into Portland I walked down Welch Street toward the boat and voila, an interesting vehicle was at the head of the line waiting to get on the ferry. Walking past it, I promptly declared the silly season as definitely here. Apparently, the first wedding of the season was taking place. Definitely a silly season approach to moving people from the boat landing dock up Welch Street to the Inn on Peaks. It must be at least two hundred yards!! Whatever!

Yet, today is a beautiful day on the Island. Allegedly, the clouds will be moving in this afternoon with a chance of some showers tonight. The roar of lawnmowers can definitely be heard this morning as most everyone is attempting to catch up. Guess it's my turn now to head on out to see what I can accomplish before tackling the Sunday paper.


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