Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Ties that Bind

It's often been said that what holds Maine together is nothing more than rolls of duct tape.

Well, on Peaks Island, our cars and trucks are the stuff of legends. Many seem to have been reclaimed from Havana when the Cubans gave up on them. In simple terms, I believe what holds many of our vehicles together are bumper stickers.

Now, here's an art form few have taken the time to analyze. I can often be seen behind a vehicle just standing there reading all the bumper stickers imaging the possible owner of the vehicle in my mind. Most bumper stickers tend toward the political but some are just plain funny. Save Tibet, oust Bush and save animals seem to be constant themes. Yet, I did see one rugged individualist put one on his vehicle that stated: I'd rather be hunting with Cheney than riding with Kennedy. Ouch! Frankly, right now I'm waiting for: If at first you don't secede, you're beginning to fail ---Dan Quayle. Thanks DQ, you're still the gift that just keeps on giving!

I've always wondered what happens when a staunch conservative Island Republican buys a vehicle from a staunch Island liberal Democrat filled with political bumper stickers. Sounds like a stressful situation in the making to me. Oh well, it's a pretty quiet day after the Memorial Day start of the Summer weekend so my mind does wander. A t-shirt can always be a walking bumper sticker as well. Enjoy the quiet; it won't last for long.


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