Monday, June 12, 2006

Another Sunset!

We've just returned from an evening in Portland. We brought my brother, Russ, and his wife, Nettie, into town. They're returning to Hawaii early early tomorrow morning so an overnight in Portland was required. Of course, it meant a last chance for a nice dinner out before parting. Their total time here was ten days, at least seven of which were spent in the rain. Oh well, welcome to May and June in Maine!

At least the last two days were spent in the sun. Catching the 8:15 boat back to Peaks presented a wonderful chance for another nice sunset. Somehow, all the good ones are always a little different. This one reminded me of the move "Indiana Jones" where at the end the clouds part and the power of God comes crashing down through the sky. Well, tonight's sky looked like that. Clouds with some breaks with the sun's rays shining through. It did make for a nice, peaceful ride home keeping an eye on Mt. Washington framed by the diminishing light. Enjoy.


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