Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My Brother

I have a brother, Russ. He's a tad older than me but our backgrounds, at least in the beginning, were pretty similar. We both bear the roots of Hopedale, MA and Matunuck, RI. Our love of the sea and mountains has been constant. Once we both left Hopedale, our paths took different twists and turns. He went to Bates College and I the University of Connecticut. He joined the Marines, I entered the field of retirement through an insurance company in Newark, NJ.

He is a retired Marine Lt. Colonel with stops over nearly 30 years all across the globe. He had the same roommate for four years at Bates. Of course, this roommate came out of Portland High School where he commuted from Peaks Island every day and still lives here today. The first time my brother set foot on Peaks Island was 1953 and has made quite a few treks here over the many years. He is on the Island this week for his 50th reunion at Bates College. Peaks Island he considers a second home as I do Hawaii.

Russ' very first tour of duty in 1958 was Hawaii where he, of course, met and married a lovely Hawaiian native, Nettie. They now reside in Ko Olina, Oahu, Hawaii right on the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Two of their three children also reside on Oahu with a son in Las Vegas. Enjoy the week Russ; it's good to have you here back on Peaks where all roads do indeed lead.


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Looks like Sean to me!--Al

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