Friday, June 16, 2006

The Beauty of June

Whenever the rains finally cease, it's possible to just roam around the Island and check out the colors as they fly on by. The lupens have returned for their annual two week stint. It's way too short since they have always been about my favorite wildflower; the purple they display is just so rich and deep.

Of course, with all the rains over the past month, the world we live in is definitely green and growing-disturbingly quickly. It always seems like I just parked the mower and it's time to get it out again. At long last the painting projects are coming into my pea brain's to do list so I guess Summer has arrived, finally.

The kids are now out of school so down front and the boats have definitely become more crowded. Oh well, walking to the boat is far better for me than stressing out looking for a non-existent parking space. Enjoy the weekend and hope it's sunny and dry wherever you are.


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