Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Lure of Peaks

Coming home on the 12:15 boat yesterday was an interesting experience. After parking my car I was wandering through the garage toward the boat and came across two license plates very close together which intrigued me. Both had "Peaks" in them with one from Maine and one from Virginia and both were exactly the same. Now, summer on Peaks Island always brings forth many more vehicles than usual and quite a few contain references to the Island. But two exactly the same from different states was something new.

This Island does have a very strong calling to the inner core of individuals who live here year round, who live here during the summer months, who visit for a week or two year after year after year and those who have spent only a day or two visiting us. At its core, we are all Islanders.

Usually on the boat back to Peaks, you can either find me buried on the bottom deck lost in a book or some music or standing outside lost in my thoughts watching the Bay go by. On this day I decided to ride the top deck with the tourists and partake of the excitement of something new for them. Of course we were in pretty dense fog since it was a hot day but I enjoyed listening to the conversations and watching people take pictures of the fog bank nearly covering a couple of lobster boats doing their work. Coming into Peaks, the fog parted just before landing and I thought there might even be a round of applause for the Captain finding our destination. I'm serious; a fun moment.

Yes, we do live in a very special place.


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