Thursday, June 29, 2006

They're Back!!

So long to June and hello to July come Saturday. Hopefully, there's much more sun in July than rain; we've had enough thank you very much. Now that school's out, the weekly visitors have returned in force to Peaks Island. Just coming home today on the 2:15 boat, the line of cars waiting to get on the ferry was backed up way beyond what could get on that boat.

More than cars carving their respective space out on the island's roads though are the number of bikes meandering around. I've always enjoyed watching a line of bikes going down the street; of course the line is across the entire street making it nigh on impossible to get by. As a car approaches it's really fun to guess which way the herd will disperse; one side, the other side, both sides or not at all. It's interesting to see what the car driver guesses as well.

Here's a couple of pictures of what moved into next door to us this week. I have no idea how all those bikes made it onto the Island or where the room was for all the kids that ride those bikes or the stuff that tends to go along with the kids. All I know is I've watched a lot of fun taking place next door and that's what summer on Peaks is all about. Enjoy the 4th and spend it with as many friends as possible!


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