Monday, August 14, 2006

The Last Hurrah!!

Well, the dog days of August ended late last week. Mornings dawned cool with a crystal clear blue sky and a nice breeze right out of the northeast. The first temps in a long time in the mid to high 50's in the morning. On Saturday evening there was even a frost warning for some of the valleys in the western mountains---good grief, let's not get too serious now.

Regardless, the pace has definitely quickened the last few days. The social event of the high season, the Codfish Ball, was held at the TEIA on Saturday evening with the sounds of laughter and music traveling across Casco Bay. I was highly contented to watch a movie and lead the quiet life- some party animal I am.

Brad and Wyatt's Bike shop is in full swing right now. Every boat that empties onto the Island means a crush of humanity renting bikes for a tour of the Island. Of course, the riding of bikes has rapidly become a lost art. It's amazing watching people ride in circles right in front of the bike shop wobbling their way around looking for some security in what their doing. The fact they're in the middle of the road seems to mean nothing to them. But off they go five abreast to tour the Island. Just another checkmark on the things to do list before school starts. Some people have already left if they're from the south since schools are underway this week or even last week for some in the deep south.

Next week begins the tidal outflow of humanity from the Island. I may even see someone I know next week on the boat; big hugs all around for the many reunions that go on from now on. A great time of the year!!!!! Enjoy the last days of August and do indeed take a deep breath and enjoy the remaining warm weather while we have it.


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