Sunday, July 30, 2006

A Late July Afternoon

Heading uptown on the 3:45 boat Saturday brought me across an Island tradition-diving off the pier or anything else that can be jumped from. It's been pretty hot on the Island the last few days so a lot of swimming has been going on. It's an Island tradition among the kids to gather at the dock and hit the water in any shape, norm or fashion possible.

For us adults, it's an instant trek back in our minds to our own youths at our own watering holes just passing the time looking for something to do. Now, as full fledged adults we look at the height of the jump, the closeness of different boats, where the incoming ferry is or how cold the water is. For the kids, it's just something to do and they've been doing it ever since we first set our feet on this wonderful place we call home.


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