Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A Peaks Evening

Last night I had to make a trek downfront to the Plante's to put some air in a nearly flat tire of our luxurious 1987 Plymouth Sundance island transportation and hauling vehicle. It looks like a refugee from Havana but somehow it continues to get groceries and visitors from the boat. Fortunately, I took the camera with me since the light was absolutely beautiful as the sun was going down.

The backshore was really peaceful. The water was calm, the breezes light and the retreating day made for the perfect time to just slowly exhale. I really enjoyed watching the fisherman moving over the spine of Whaleback. Most of the shoreline of Peaks consists of various sizes of rocks ranging from pebbles to boulders. Now, rocks plus water equals slippery!! But, with the incoming tide there was no way some time of fishing was going to be denied. So, I just watched. Every once in a while he really had to scramble as a wave would wash over Whaleback, not too powerfully, just enough to drench him from the knees on down. Yet, he managed to keep his balance and his feet under him while doing his dance and he kept on casting out. He didn't catch anything while I was watching but it sure reminded me of my younger days along the Rhode Island beaches watching a dozen or so men surf casting for flounder and an occasional sandshark. A good memory and a good chance to just slow down. It felt good to be on Peaks with a setting sun behind me and the ocean in front of me.


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