Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Peaks Stonehenge

It is certainly the end of August. The nights are quieter, the pace is beginning to be easier and the strange moments get just a little stranger as Islanders begin to emerge from the depths and exercise their creativity.

On your way around the Backshore where Peaks faces the open ocean and the next stop is Portugual, there exists a spot of land that is filled with small rocks, shale and driftwood. Each Summer for about the last ten years, kids, adults, visitors, seasonal residents and year rounders have taken some time to just pile up some rocks into different shapes and sizes depending on what rocks they pick up to fit in whatever configuration their mind sees. Well, about three days ago there were no rock piles looking like the cairns along the mountain trails; none, zip, nada. I saw it as the usual end of our Summer ritual returning the puny efforts of us wee humans to the power of the sea. Well, three days later a new Stonehenge emerged fresh, new and uniquely interesting. The only strange thing about it is that most of the Summer visitors have departed, the kids are back in their schools, the vacationers have departed and the year rounders are busy becoming reaquainted with their missing friends last seen in early June. As I was roaming through the Stonehenge field of visions I kept waiting for the apes to appear pounding their newly found bones into tools or weapons and the mystical black obelisk to appear in the pounding surf. Hmmm, who's got the visions of little rocks turned into piles of big rocks?

Enjoy a quiet moment on the backshore of Peaks Island which is becoming quieter by the moment.


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