Saturday, August 26, 2006

Tidal Outflow

In running around the Island this morning carrying out the Saturday morning "things to do" list, we ran right into the middle of the great annual tidal outflow of humanity from Peaks Island. A long line of cars waiting to get back to the mainland, clusters of individuals sharing their last ice cream cones and many people just saying their goodbye's for the winter. And, most fortunate for us, the sighting of friends I haven't seen in a couple of months. The summer bunkers are beginning to unload their year round residents making their first appearances in order to begin the process of reclaiming "their" Island. The Island feels lighter already and the sounds of the Island are changing by the hour. Gone are the numerous cars, motorcycles, and herds of children at play. Once again present are the sounds of the Island; gulls, gong buoys and breezes in the trees and the flapping of sails as boats change their tack. Life is getting better by the moment.

Here's a few pictures from this morning's round. I just had to capture the newest saying of Hannigan's Market. By early August the average Hannigan employee is pretty tired and rundown trying to provide whatever's requested or too often demanded from our visitors. The saying of "if we don't have it, you don't need it" most certainly works for me. In July and August whenever I wander in looking for something for supper, I always carry an attitude of "take what you can get and choose it"-it sure makes life a lot easier. The other pictures are from one of my favorite parts of the Island along Oaklawn Street. The cottages are beautiful old time Peaks Island style and the tall Oaks set against Diamond Island passage makes for a beautiful sight. Enjoy and may our friends/neighbors to the south enjoy a sharp right hand turn into the North Atlantic of this latest brewing storm south of Cuba.


Anonymous Sean said...

I do wish you'd sat on the wall and got some shots of the long lines of people trying to leave the island en masse. I always miss that one special day of all the year were you can finally see the island being retaken!

8/30/2006 2:49 PM  

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