Tuesday, September 26, 2006

We're Surfing!!

The surf is definitely up on Peaks Island!!

Since mid Summer, the Peaks Island Library has had Wi-Fi capability via the Portland Public Library. Since our wonderful librarian Priscilla is a good friend, I've always enjoyed her wonderful tales of the ongoing sagas at the library. She has on more than one occasion told me that she's not running a library but rather running a phone booth. The library has a number of computers, all on line with broadband capabilities. In the winter months the kids flock there after school to both do homework and play online games. In the summer, the visiting part-time residents flock there to do their e-mails and their own research. Well, with wireless capability now available, it's fun to go by the library on the way home from the boat in the evening and often see two or even three individuals parked on the bench outside the library under the street lamp tapping away on their laptops remaining connected with whatever or whomever is important to them. I can't say whether I agree with all this connectedness or not but without my daily dose of on line newspaper readings and e-mail connections with my kin in Hawaii I am as addicted as anyone to this new age of communication.

Yet, as the picture so ably shows, the true meaning of our too small but crucially important library is a place where Islanders come together to just chat with whomever else is doing the same thing at the same time as they are; it is a true Island connection spot.


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