Sunday, December 24, 2006

Where's Winter????

I know this is a very dangerous question to raise but since it's the early afternoon of Christmas Eve, I'll run the risk. Although we've had two days of light snow and pretty chilly mornings so far, the grass is just now starting to turn from green to blah brown; that's the real reason we alway hanker for the first snow. Just to get rid of that ugly brown anyway possible. Golfers are still golfing and the skiiers are all in their places of worship worshipping for snow; hell, go to Colorado, they've got plenty to spare. It has definitely been a very strange late Fall.

But late December is here, the summer vehicles are covered, the boats are covered, the lobster traps are stored and the woodpiles are high for the winter that will arrive any day. For now, we're all just enjoying what we have, taking our walks in the sun and slowing down for Christmas.

Enjoy your Christmas holiday and even if you can't get your arms directly around all your family and friends, take the time to give them a call and share a few moments. I spent about 30 minutes talking with my brother in Hawaii the other day and it was the best 30 minutes I spent this month. Though you may be apart, family is what we all have and will always have; don't forget them.

To my favorite cousin Doris; this one was for you; Merry Christmas. A Merry Christmas to all; take the time to breathe slowly and enjoy the peace and quiet you can create. Enjoy the pictures from about ten minutes ago.


Anonymous Sean said...

Yes yes, come to Colorado. We have plenty of winter to spare!

What is funny is that, for a storm I figured would pound it's way east and destroy all in it's path, it seemed to just putter out after it turned Colorado into the inside of a snow globe for two days.

But it is fun to pound around the snow banks in the jeep!

12/25/2006 4:55 AM  

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