Thursday, November 09, 2006

Indian Summer

Well, today definitely fit the term "Indian Summer Day". The rains of last night turned to wonderful sunshine around 9 AM and the temps just kept on rising to right around 60 degrees at noon. It was an absolutely beautiful afternoon with no winds and lots of sunshine. It almost made me head for the paint brush and paint can to try and get in a little more work before the temps fall off the table very soon. Of course, the phone rang and people stopped by so absolutely nothing got done but who cared; certainly not me.

Once again, we had a beautiful sunset so I apologize in advance, but here's a couple more shots of the late afternoon looking towards Portland; well, at 3:45 PM anyways. Sean, these are for your collection; enjoy!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Rob:

These are heartbreakingly beautiful pictures--They bring me to tears--Love-Al

11/12/2006 8:09 PM  

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