Sunday, October 29, 2006

Windy Weekend!

Well, it's been a "dark and stormy" weekend on Peaks Island. Seems like two pretty intense weather Lows merged over the Middle Atlantic on Saturday and we received our fair share of buckets of rain and high winds through last night. Today was a beautiful post storm Maine crystal clear blue sky sunny day; however, someone forgot to turn off the wind turbines.

We've had high winds all day nigh on 40mph constant with much higher gusts. Those boats still in the water were really working hard on their moorings striving pretty hard to drag their anchors. The Bay had pretty stiff whitecaps all day but I believe our Bay Line boats ran all day without missing a trip so everyone made it to church services intown. We lost our power right during the dinner hour but only for about 30 minutes so only an extreme minimum of sniveling is allowed.

Old Mount Washington had gusts to about 115mph (no thank you very much) and another foot of snow yesterday. To date, the summit's had 39 inches of snowfall. Definitely time to realize the seasons are changing. Finally got the last house clock turned back an hour so guess we're ready for the shorter days and longer nights. I've already seen a number of houses with their winter lights up and running; another tale of an emerging Island tradition for a later date. Here's some pics from a trip around the Island late this morning at low tide; enjoy!!


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