Saturday, January 05, 2008


We have definitely made it out of the freezer today. The sun is shining, the temperature is in the mid 20's and the wind is gone. It is a beautiful winter's day on Peaks Island. I've just returned from a nice stroll around the neighborhood. Of course I made sure I faced the sun so I could work on my tan; what a difference a day makes!

We're allegedly due for a few days of temps above freezing so let the meltdown begin. All that means to me is tomorrow I need to crawl up the ladder, once I recover it out of a snow drift, to work on a couple of sections of ice dams that have built up over the last week. Nothing like an ice buildup on your roof followed by some warm days to bring more than a little moisture flowing into your house. Oh well, it's always something but it does keep living in Maine during the winter a constant adventure.

The quiet of today was only broken by the sea gulls feeding on the beach. Lots of squalking going on as they wandered through the rocks looking for mussels. Once they find a loose one, they grab it in their beaks, fly upwards about a 100 feet, drop it, follow it down and when the mussel hits the rock, it opens and voila--lunch--that is if they can keep it away from their fellow feathered friends trying to steal it. Enjoy some pics from around the neighborhood.


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