Monday, December 22, 2008

Peaks Island Nor'easter

Well, that was a very strong storm we had over the weekend. Gale force winds, 16" of snow and temps in the teens ruled Sunday until early Monday morning. Allegedly, there's more on the way so lots of shoveling was going on in the neighborhood today.

At least our electricity held so it was nice relaxing on my computer complete with heat and lights. No sniveling allowed today since way too many of our neighbors to the south outside of Worcester, MA (near my old home town) are still without heat and lights after last week's ice storm. They have definitely earned the right to snivel to their heart's content.

I didn't have a chance to take pictures during Monday but maybe tomorrow. Here's a few from during the storm and a quick one during the latter part of a beautiful sunset on Monday evening. Being self titled as "Windy Point" where we live, we have a hard time gauging the depth of any snowfall; somehow it always ranges between bare, brown ground and 4' drifts. Hopefully, the winds will die down tonight, the sun will shine tomorrow and the temps will make it into the mid 20's; now, that's a beautiful Maine winter's day. My Hawaii kin were definitely in my thoughts today as I was shoveling away; Aloha all!!


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