Friday, December 12, 2008

The Iceman Cometh to Peaks

Nothing like 24 hours of falling ice to catch your attention. We've lost power at least four times but so far at least, not for very long. The coffee pot is full, the morning mush (oatmeal) has been served and so far this morning the power has held. It certainly brings back memories of the Great Ice Storm of 1998 when virtually all of Maine was iced back to the stoneage for two weeks. We even received help from some Hawaii Electric Company linesmen back then who flew into Bangor to assist us. Of course, their first stop after deplaning was LL Bean for survival gear! Now, that was a storm with trees crashing all around us. So far, not even close to that but each and every ice storm refreshes those memories.

At least the ice has stopped raining down and right now it's almost turned back into rain so with a little luck we'll just have an icky quiet day to do our Christmas chores, get letters written, Facebook entries updated and naps and reading accomplished. I just leaned out the door and took a couple of quick pics to try and capture the moment. May the rains stop in Hawaii and the sun resume its normal duties!!


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