Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Winter has Arrived--Again!!

Well, there's no doubt that our winter has now arrived. Between the ice storm of last Thursday and finally getting the island back into the modern world of electricity on Sunday, we're now in the midst of a nice little Nor'Easter. It's not too bad as far as storms go but my head is still back on the golf course and not yet adjusted into winter storm mode.

I'm afraid I have to catch the 12:45 boat uptown for a meeting and I'm not looking forward to being on the road during this storm. It usually takes a couple of early season snows to get everyone's driving habits readjusted. Way too many people just keep driving at the same speed as a month ago so fender benders abound with many vehicles finding their way into the ditches of I-295 around Portland. Include Christmas shopping stresses into the mix and a little chaos abounds.

Oh well, we could all be down in York County and central Mass around Worcester where they still don't have their power back. As we say on Peaks Island in December, it's always something!! Here's a couple of pics taken from the decks. For those in warmer climes, have a chuckle on me!!


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