Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Mid August Saturday

At long last, the rains, lightning and thunder ceased even if only for a day. The sun's rays descended on Peaks Island and the smiles almost grew as fast as the grass and weeds. It turned out to be a beautiful Saturday and shock of all shocks, the calendar of community events was pretty blank. It seems since the 4th of July weekend, Peaks Island has been on overdrive trying its best to cram way too many exciting activities into too short a summer. Art walks, art shows at the Gem, church days, road races, Peaksfest, reading groups, eclectic music of all shapes, sizes and sounds; I'm sorry I've reached overload. It was time to take a few hours off and head into town for a wonderful dinner with our son Josh and his wonderful wife Heather.

Of course, the boat landing was an utter zoo complete with day trippers, wedding attendees, renters, party goers and even a few islanders heading into town. Once the boat disgorged its latest visitors and a fresh load of departing vehicles were loaded, the hordes descended onto the boat. Of course, among the last to load were a few islanders just strolling on behind the crowd marching to their own sweet drumming time. The trip into town was filled with sights of the sun and some wonderful clouds.

Coming into Portland, we were greeted with sights of the schooners carrying their own visitors and the latest cruise ship towering over the sky line. Our tax dollars at work bringing more crowds into Portland for their valued trip to LL Bean in Freeport for shopping. At least it wasn't raining for the moment and it was a precious time well spent on Casco Bay. A much needed breather before the next raindrops descend on us all.


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