Saturday, October 25, 2008

Home at Last!!

My sincere regrets for not posting anything for way too long. As an old friend once said, I got run over by reality. Just too many things going on all at once. For the past two weeks I've been in Hawaii visiting with my brother and his family. It was absolutely wonderful spending time with him rooting for the Red Sox, Patriots and even a UConn football game. I've been making trips to Hawaii (well, Oahu actually) since 1984 so Hawaii is almost my second home. My brother has two wonderful daughters with families of their own so the Sunday gatherings get wonderfully raucous. I always thought the game Scrabble was a blood sport only on Peaks Island; not so!!

I made the trek by flying direct from Newark to Honolulu and vice versa. Yes, it's about a 10 hour flight but if you can stand it, you're done and it's over. Coming back though is like coming through a time warp. You leave at 8pm Honolulu time and get off in Newark at noon the next day. For the next week all I do is roam around the house from 3-5am and take naps whenever I fall over and do my best to smile and keep my mouth shut so I won't appear too stupid.

Above all else, the absolute best part of going to Hawaii is taking the boat back to Peaks. It is so good to be back. The trees still have some color, the air is absolutely clear and dry and the island is pretty well shut down for the winter. The best part of the year at least until the snow starts to fly. Many sounds of chainsaws and lawnmowers permeating the morning air make you know it's Fall. Here's some quick pics I took this morning as I was sitting on the backshore enjoying the sea. It is great to be back on Peaks. Mahalo!!!


Anonymous Jessica said...

I have to tell you that my family and I have been vacationing on Peaks for years and I love to read about the fall and winters there. Your pictures are amazing!

12/16/2008 3:54 PM  

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