Thursday, November 20, 2008

Winter's Almost Here!

Well, golf was cancelled this past Tuesday. Something to do with 32 degrees and 20mph northerly breezes. This may well be the end of another season since there's a forecast of possible snow over the weekend. In years gone by, our major goal was to golf in December but with each passing year the tolerance of my back to lower temps has definitely decreased. This is the first week some of our nighttime temps made it into the high teens so I'm afraid we're getting close to the end of Fall and the beginning of the dreaded W word.

One of the main identifiers of Winter bearing down on us are the animals. The snoozes tend to get more frequent and the location of the snoozes is a definite disclosure. No more sprawling in the middle of the floor but rather different enclosed locations in the sun or near heat have been scoped out and now being used. Some of them are downright interesting. No Peaks pics today, just a couple of snoozing animals slowly heading toward various states of hibernation. Enjoy the different forms of snuggling now going on for the next few months.


Blogger Life of a Diva... and Kick-Ass Chic! said...

Thats adorable! Even with our weird warm-cold weather, I miss my puppies in Denver. If all else fails, I could always have one of the dogs sit on my lap. Of course, that was a lot less daunting when they were still small.

I've tried to get Sean to lay on the couch with me, but he gets upset when I try and pet his head... LOL

Enjoy the weather while it lasts! We always love the beautiful pictures you post!

11/20/2008 10:54 PM  

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