Sunday, November 02, 2008

Hawaii Time

Though I've been back in Maine for over a week now, my brain is still all fogged up from the long trek back from Hawaii. It does seem with each passing year, it takes me an additional day, or more, to restore my limited brain power. Today's writing will be strictly on Hawaii and not on Peaks Island.

I managed to spend two wonderful weeks in Hawaii on the island of Oahu. I stayed with my brother and his wife on a wonderful 17 acre estate called Lanikuhonua. Translated, it means "Where Heaven meets the Earth". It's a cultural institute today grown out of the former summer estate of one James Campbell, a Scotsman who as an engineer managed to bring the water supply from the windward side (the rainy side) of the island to the leeward side (the desert side). Today, long after his passing, his estate has done much to retain the cultural heritage of the Hawaiian people. My brother's wife Nettie is native Hawaiian and is the manager/caretaker of this estate and lives right on it. Since I find it nearly impossible to describe its beauty I'll just place down a link to a website which has a one minute video of it and show some pictures I took while there.

I've been so fortunate to have been going there since 1984 and seeing all the changes that have occurred in the state of Hawaii since then especially the rise in native pride and protection of its culture. Enjoy the pictures of this very special and spiritual place. Oh, fear not, Peaks Island is my home, it will stay my home and it will always be my home but Hawaii is definitely my second home.


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