Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Heavy Water Time

There's nothing like a strong blow out of the east to push a running sea into our little island. Today's been such a day with pretty strong winds blowing about 50mph flat out of the east. Our house resides on the western side of the island facing Portland harbour so we're pretty much in the lee of the storm.

It's been raining heavily since the middle of last night with the winds picking up their intensity by the hour. The call's gone out to fellow islanders working on the mainland that it might be a good idea to leave work a little early to be sure of getting home. With the sustained winds we have, they could well berth the boats in Portland since it would be too difficult and unsafe to attempt landings on the islands.

Here are some pictures taken on a quick ride around the island. Wish they were better composed but they'll give you an idea of a Peaks Island stormy day; enjoy. These pictures were taken at near slack tide so you'll have to imagine what it was about six hours earlier. For all flatlanders, slack tide is low tide!


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