Monday, January 08, 2007

Where's Winter---Part II

Another week has rolled on by and still the weather remains Spring like. A close inspection around the house shows some buds are even poking their heads up-good grief, go back!! Temps in the low 50's, lots of sun, not much wind and everyone just waiting for the second shoe to drop. So far we've had only a few days of snow totalling about 4"--mini whoops!! Oh well, Sean out in Boulder is our designated "fall guy" for this year running about 6 feet of snow in three weeks--you da man Sean!!

Saturday coming across the Bay into Portland was a beautiful time on the water; calm, sunny, few clouds and the old Time & Temp building showing 61 degrees at 4pm--wow. Golfers were definitely out and skiers were definitely not out. Fear not, we'll be paid back with interest. Strange, but there will be a huge sigh of relief when the first major snowfall comes through Maine. Once again, all will be right with the universe.

Here's some pics from that wonderful trip into Portland on Saturday.