Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dog is my Copilot

Jill's dog Otis has been with us for about two months now and has slowly become more comfortable with the house. He's about 14 pounds and half shiatsu and half terrier so he has a very interesting personality and has obviously taken our hearts over. He's also gained a new friend from next door who's name is just plain Ed. Ed, a refugee from the streets of Puerto Rico, lives in Cambridge, MA in the winter so Otis, at times, just looks to the house next door to see if Ed's still around.

Every time I see him I say the obvious line from Animal House of "Otis---My Man". He's a wonderful addition to our household so thought I'd finally put some pictures of him here to share with the rest of the clan. Today was bath day so that's always a hoot, especially when he's been toweled off and runs around the house shaking any remaining dampness off and trying to crawl through the rug with his nose leading the way. Oh well, life is always interesting with animals around. Our cat, Gabby, just sits and seems to say "whatever". Enjoy.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Election Day, 2007

Well, it's definitely a November day today. The rain's been constant since early morning, the wind has dropped the last of the fading leaves and the house definitely has needed some assistance in providing us its warmth. Yup, it's November.

Today is also election day and for the first time in my life I saw my name on an official Portland Ballot. Now, that was a strange experience. I've been in a number of elections over the years beginning in high school and college but nothing as formal as this one. It was a low key election with not too much back alley fog being created which fits Peaks Island. It was to see who would serve on the very first Peaks Island Council to provide formal input to the Portland City Council. In short and in Portland's words (my version of them at least), we'll give you this so please don't make any more trouble for us by trying to secede again. The island breathlessly awaits the outcome and individuals will definitely gather at the voting site to see the outcome; will the progressives or conservatives prevail or will it be a blend of both sides? Frankly, I always saw it as winning the opportunity to be a human pin cushion. Oh well, something to do in the winter to keep things lively!!

As the leaves fall and the boats are pulled from the water it's time to begin plugging the cracks and lowering the shades at night to keep the heat in. November has definitely arrived. Stay warm and dry everyone.