Sunday, August 23, 2009

Surf's Up on Peaks Island

Hurricane Bill passed about 200 miles east of us today. It's done nothing but push hot, humid air at us for the last 48 hours. We all kept a pretty close eye on it since Hurricanes due tend to have a mind of their own. Having had two "eyes" pass over my head in my youth, I don't care to ever have that happen again. All we fortunately got was high humidity and high surf this Sunday.
Of course, Islanders turned out in droves to watch the surf action. Swirling, powerful swells descended on us in sets about three minutes apart. The lesson for today was, when the ocean speaks, you had better listen. Our little Whaleback on the backshore seemed to be the best viewing of wave action spilling high into the sun lit sky. Here's a few pics of today's show; enjoy.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Hawaii's 50th Anniversary as a State

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the State of Hawaii.

In visiting the western Tiffany clan in Hawaii often since 1984, Hawaii has become my second home. It's with mixed feelings based on history that today is celebrated. Fortunately in the last two decades, the resurgance of the Hawaiian Nation has emerged stronger than ever. The native ways are definitely on the rise and many Hawaiians in fact are actively working to re-establish the Kingdom of Hawaii and remove themselves from the United States. Some things never change be it the Peaks Island secession efforts or reclaiming the Hawaiian Kingdom.

As my small tribute to Hawaii, here are some pics I took last October. With Sean visiting from Boulder, I turned him loose with my pics and some music from IZ; absolutely enjoy the results.