Saturday, February 23, 2008

Late February on Peaks Island

Today was a time of quiet. Another couple of snow falls during the week but nothing to complain about. It is our quietest time of the year. The kids were out of school this past week so trips to the south and its warmth were had by as many families as could afford it. Many others also spend some time right now in Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head and all points south. It is the time of the year that Peaks Island has its lowest population--plenty of parking spaces available downfront right now!

Today, the sun was out, the wind was down and the temps were in the mid 20's; an absolutely beautiful day. Yesterday's snow was already melting away. Supposed to be another storm coming in mid week. Who cares; we're headed for March which is my very own first month of Spring. Who says I can't tell my own mind when Spring begins. Why depend on a calendar and others to tell us when the winter is winding down? Take charge of your own Spring is my motto.

Here's some pictures of our animals watching their own tv out the window as the snow was falling yesterday plus a few as the sun began to set this afternoon. Hang in there; it's almost Spring--at least we can watch the Red Sox run around the outfield every Saturday morning for a couple of hours. We are getting closer folks. Survive the snow or sun if you're in the South.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Snow Fatigue Rampant on Peaks Island!!

Five out of the last six days, we had snow. Enough already; it's time for a change; Yes, we can; Spring is coming---someday. OK, I'm babbling and don't even care. Today, at least for today, no snow has fallen. Of course the temps dropped to single digits overnight and the winds increased to about 30-35 mph so it's pretty cold out there. Enough sniveling!!!! Yesterday's scenes from Pebble Beach golf course and the Pro Bowl from Honolulu were certainly appreciated!

Last Friday night, we decided to enjoy ourselves with a dinner out at the local, downfront Inn on Peaks. We settled into the pub and exchanged pleasantries with fellow islanders for nearly three hours. We were seated at a table for four and two by two, different friends just came and went so it was a fun February evening. In another part of the Inn was a PTO buffet served to raise funds so many, many anklebiters were out and about. Many people coming into the Inn were making the rounds of the Gem Art Gallery and the Cockeyed Gull restaurant which were also hosting fund raisers. A busy Friday night on Peaks Island indeed.

It's been cold enough and I've been trying to keep up with all the island council activities plus our taxes so I haven't done very well in getting around the island to grab a few pictures--I will do better---soon! Today turned out to be our dog Otis' shower day for the week. What the hell, enough of snow, ice, wind and cold. Here are some fun pictures of a drowning dog surviving his weekly bath; smile and enjoy; I sure did. Survive the winter and remember the Red Sox equipment truck pulled out last Friday and pitchers and catchers report in two days; a great Valentines Day present for Red Sox Nation after the Super Bowl letdown.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Quiet of a Winter's Day on Peaks

We went into Portland last night on the 3:45pm boat for a dinner date with each other and the streets were empty, the sidewalks were empty and only a few people showed up for the boat. It is definitely February and the island is as empty as it gets. Many people have taken a few weeks vacation to visit friends or family in warmer parts of the nation.

Me, I just love the peace and quiet of this time of the year, especially when the sun is out, the sky is a deep, clear blue and the winds are down. So it was only 25 degrees; no big deal. Without the wind but with the sun, it was a good day. Here's a few shots taken while we were awaiting the boat. The weather's supposed to take a turn for the worse early this week but who cares, March and April are on the way. Above all else, it's Super Bowl Weekend and the Patriots are playing so we're all pretty happy. Survive the winter blahs.