Monday, December 29, 2008

A Beautiful Respite

What a wonderful day we had on Peaks today. The sky didn't have a cloud in it, the wind was absolutely nonexistent and the sun was crystal clear and warm!! Temps made it into the 40's, just a gorgeous day.

It took me about half a cup of coffee to reach the decision to take a boat ride, do some errands and just enjoy this mid winter's break. Nothing this good lasts for long in late December so utter care must be taken to enjoy the break and inhale as many deep breaths of life as one can. Of course, I took my little camera with me so here's a few shots of a beautiful winter's day on Peaks.
Of course, there's always a bit of humor on Peaks so it was interesting seeing a stranded golf cart emerging from its captive snowbank; can Spring be far behind??

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Quiet Time on Peaks Island

At long last, Peaks Island is able to emit a huge exhale of pent up energy after attempting futilely to have everything in its proper place for Christmas. Most of the guests have now left the island and maybe, just maybe there's still a minute amount of space appearing in the refrigerator for some more leftovers! It's now quiet time on Peaks Island.

After putting some very expensive gas in my vehicle at Plante's, I took a slow trek around the island and didn't encounter a single vehicle, just a few hearty individuals out walking their dogs. It was very relaxing to say the least. Anyone still having a few coins to rub together may well depart for some warmer clime in the coming days. For me, this is the absolute best part of the year on Peaks Island. We'll soon be down to the hearty hardcore gathered on Friday nights at the Inn on Peaks for a community gathering during Happy Hour with a pretty empty dining area since everyone is crammed into the bar making way too much noise with their bad jokes, erroneous rumors and way too much laughter.
Here's a few pics from my trek around the island. Enjoy the recovery period from Christmas and enjoy the quietude of winter. It is time to hibernate!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas from Peaks Island

Just a couple of pics today showing some of the snow around the neighborhood. It's been busy here on the Island getting ready for Christmas. I finished pulling together a nice pot of lobster stew for tonight's meal. Of course, the ladies of the house are now poised over the pot working their skills at "fixing" it trying to put the extra taste and texture required of a Christmas Eve dining experience. It's very difficult for Jill, an ex west coaster, to live with me, a lifelong New Englander meat and potatoes guy. Oh well, sure hope they don't lose the lobster taste by covering it with too much paprika and sherry!

Our weather has finally taken a turn toward "Warm". Of course it being late December, that means 40 degrees. This morning we started with snow of a couple inches followed by sleet and hail followed by rain followed by gray. Oh well, it's Maine so just wait awhile and whatever's going on will definitely change.

It's time for quiet now. Hannigan's Market closed at 1pm so let the baking begin with whatever's on hand. It's too late to make it to town for last minute shopping so sit down, be quiet and enjoy this most wonderful evening with family and close friends. Seasons Greetings to all from Peaks Island and if I could ever spell meli kalikimaka I'd send that out to my Hawaii clan.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Peaks Island Nor'easter

Well, that was a very strong storm we had over the weekend. Gale force winds, 16" of snow and temps in the teens ruled Sunday until early Monday morning. Allegedly, there's more on the way so lots of shoveling was going on in the neighborhood today.

At least our electricity held so it was nice relaxing on my computer complete with heat and lights. No sniveling allowed today since way too many of our neighbors to the south outside of Worcester, MA (near my old home town) are still without heat and lights after last week's ice storm. They have definitely earned the right to snivel to their heart's content.

I didn't have a chance to take pictures during Monday but maybe tomorrow. Here's a few from during the storm and a quick one during the latter part of a beautiful sunset on Monday evening. Being self titled as "Windy Point" where we live, we have a hard time gauging the depth of any snowfall; somehow it always ranges between bare, brown ground and 4' drifts. Hopefully, the winds will die down tonight, the sun will shine tomorrow and the temps will make it into the mid 20's; now, that's a beautiful Maine winter's day. My Hawaii kin were definitely in my thoughts today as I was shoveling away; Aloha all!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Winter has Arrived--Again!!

Well, there's no doubt that our winter has now arrived. Between the ice storm of last Thursday and finally getting the island back into the modern world of electricity on Sunday, we're now in the midst of a nice little Nor'Easter. It's not too bad as far as storms go but my head is still back on the golf course and not yet adjusted into winter storm mode.

I'm afraid I have to catch the 12:45 boat uptown for a meeting and I'm not looking forward to being on the road during this storm. It usually takes a couple of early season snows to get everyone's driving habits readjusted. Way too many people just keep driving at the same speed as a month ago so fender benders abound with many vehicles finding their way into the ditches of I-295 around Portland. Include Christmas shopping stresses into the mix and a little chaos abounds.

Oh well, we could all be down in York County and central Mass around Worcester where they still don't have their power back. As we say on Peaks Island in December, it's always something!! Here's a couple of pics taken from the decks. For those in warmer climes, have a chuckle on me!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Iceman Cometh to Peaks

Nothing like 24 hours of falling ice to catch your attention. We've lost power at least four times but so far at least, not for very long. The coffee pot is full, the morning mush (oatmeal) has been served and so far this morning the power has held. It certainly brings back memories of the Great Ice Storm of 1998 when virtually all of Maine was iced back to the stoneage for two weeks. We even received help from some Hawaii Electric Company linesmen back then who flew into Bangor to assist us. Of course, their first stop after deplaning was LL Bean for survival gear! Now, that was a storm with trees crashing all around us. So far, not even close to that but each and every ice storm refreshes those memories.

At least the ice has stopped raining down and right now it's almost turned back into rain so with a little luck we'll just have an icky quiet day to do our Christmas chores, get letters written, Facebook entries updated and naps and reading accomplished. I just leaned out the door and took a couple of quick pics to try and capture the moment. May the rains stop in Hawaii and the sun resume its normal duties!!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

A Peaks Mini-Vacation

Decided on the spur of the moment to run away to town for a few hours of mini-vacation this week. Every once in awhile I just need to get on the boat, drag out a book for some reading time, fall into Becky's Diner for a late breakfast, run a few errands and fall back onto the boat for the return ride. Just enough time to get away from the puzzles of the day, get in some serious reading time and just have some free time for myself.

Becky's Diner is a wonderful little hole in the wall restaurant at the head of Hobson's Wharf right on Commercial Street. From 4am til 9pm 362 1/2 days a year it serves up wonderful food but specializes in many, many forms of breakfast. If you've never heard of or seen it, here's a link to it's website; yummmm!!

Even if it's just a couple of hours, it's like an adult recess we all need to take once in awhile. Here's some pics from my very mini adventure into the wilds of the big city of Portland. Certainly not as many people hanging around waiting for the boat back to Peaks.