Thursday, September 17, 2009

An Islander Goes Inland--Chaptor 3

My regrets on being absent for the past few days but internet access is definitely not universal in the wilds of Wyoming and Utah. I left you off in Rawlins, WY, about halfway across Wyoming. On Sunday, we covered the western half of the state on I-80 and I managed to not take a single picture. To say the least the high plains territory turned into utter desolation and very high winds. At long last, we entered Utah and returned to red rocked canyons, green and flowing rivers. It felt more like we had survived than completed a mere journey.
We spent three wonderful days in Eden, Utah with old friends from my college days. In about five minutes, 40 years had managed to slide away and many happy hours were spent just catching up and laughing. Fun times indeed. Eden is a valley in the Wasatch Range separated from Ogden, Utah by about a 10 mile canyon which follows a flowing stream--beautiful.

On Wednesday, we drove from Eden up to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and achieved one of my goals in life which was to see firsthand the Tetons. Stunning is an understatement. They are nigh on impossible to capture on film or canvas. Rising right out of the floor of the valley they appear taller than they really are. I took way too many pictures but maybe I can do something with them later to feebly attempt to capture their grandeur. Jackson Hole is in a word overwhelmed with touristas so it was fun playing one of them; simply way too much money floating around that town. A shoppers delight but I'm afraid we didn't buy a thing. On Thursday we drove down to Casper, Wyoming through more desolation but not quite as bad as the western I-80 experience. On Friday, it's back to Boulder to finish up and catch a plane Monday morning. I do miss Casco Bay and my whacky tribe on Peaks. It'll be good to get back but tough to say goodby for now to Sean and Monika. Here's a few pics from the recent treks. The first two are from Eden, Utah where we stumbled across a nice double rainbow and the last is my newest, bestest friend I unexpectedly met in Jackson Hole. Enjoy.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

More Islander Tales from Inland

Today was a travel day. We left Boulder, headed north for Cheyenne, Wyoming, took a left hand turn and wended our way down I-80, which is really an updated Lincoln's Freedom Highway, crossed the continental divide and wound up in Rawlins, Wyoming.

Now, never having been in Wyoming, I really didn't know what to expect. I was hoping to see some of the Great Plains and I certainly wasn't disappointed. Nothing but prairie and huge sky in front of me. It was breathtakingly beautiful but I certainly wouldn't want to be here when the winds of winter come roaring down from the north. Steering our car down I-80 at a steady 75-80mph was also a new experience. Mini caravans of 4-6 cars constantly would pass me by like the wagon trains of old huddling together for some sense of security.

Rawlins, WY is a small town just about in the middle of the state. It may be small but it's the only town for many, many miles around. We stumbled into a diner for dinner and sat midst some 25 or so female high school volleyball players in town for a Saturday competition. They were having supper since they had a 175 mile bus ride to their home in Mountain View, WY. No wonder their sporting events are held on Saturday. It is indeed a different world out here. I loved the picture of the mini mall in one building which included a laundromat, ironing services, nails, massage and anything else that could be jammed into such a small space; sustainability takes many forms!!
Here's a few pics which feebly attempt to capture the expanse of the area. On to Utah tomorrow so don't know when I'll post again but hopefully soon. My "bucket list" is taking some serious hits right now.

Friday, September 11, 2009

This Peaks Islander Goes Inland!

Right now, we're a long ways from the rocks and waves of Peaks Island. On Wednesday, we departed Portland for Boulder, Colorado. As our son Sean seems to be saying, "Welcome to my world". It's been good to revisit Boulder which we haven't seen in a few years.

Today, we managed to spend some time in Estes Park which is the gateway to the Rocky Mountain National Park. It was very good to once again see the true Rockies. As well as the ocean of Casco Bay puts you in your place, so do the Rockies. You absolutely know you're not in charge. Enjoy today's pics; more to follow time allowing.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Ode to Summer

Yes, it's Sunday evening of Labor Day Weekend. Seems like Memorial Day Weekend was two weeks ago with many days of rain in between. Well, tonight a group of islanders found some rocks to drop a barbecue grill on, set up some chairs and proceed to celebrate a quiet evening of eating, some singing and watching the moon rise out of the ocean at 7:36pm; stunningly beautiful.

I am always amazed at how bonded we islanders are. Maybe it's trying to survive the uber high costs of living here, the inconvenience of making boats, repairing stuff, finding a plumber, bringing a new refrigerator onto the island or surviving the long winters of wind and cold but they are indeed my family; whacky, but they're my whacky tribe. I can picture living in no other place. Enjoy some pics of where this gathering took place. Happy Labor Day to all; enjoy the sun while we have it!!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Family Reunion on Peaks Island

It's been too long since our eldest son Sean has been on Peaks Island. As a graduate of the Peaks Island Elementary, King Middle and Portland High School class of 1989, he followed a path similar to many island kids. He grew up on Peaks. He's been living in Boulder, CO since the mid '90's and now considers it home. Yet, the call of Peaks still runs strong since as the old saying goes, once you've slept on an island .........., well, you know the rest.

Sean's been with us the past couple of weeks for a wonderful visit both for us and for him. He definitely needed the rest and recouping time Peaks can offer in its own unique way. He's managed to see some old friends, catch us up on what he's been doing professionally with his art work and socially with his significant other, Monika. Life is good for Sean right now but extremely hectic; welcome to the world of adulthood Sean.

We Tiffanys, be it the east coast or the Hawaiian branch, seem to follow similar patterns. Whenever something good or not good happens, someone special arrives or departs or for just time together, we go out to eat!! With Sean in town, we've managed to spend quite a bit of time "eating out" and spending good times just being with each other. Today, Sean departs for Boulder and he will be missed much by us but greeted so very warmly by Monika. Here's just a few pics of his presence; enjoy a peek at our family world.