Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Quiet Sunday Evening

Slowly but surely the tide of humanity is flowing outward from Peaks. Every boat leaving this weekend has been filled with cars, kids, kayaks, canoes and tons of bikes. Hopefully, gramma's tucked away in the rear of the vehicle somewhere!!

As the sun went down tonight, the atmosphere just felt lighter. Of course during the afternoon, the Reggae Sunday crowd was in fine form with their drunken off key singing but it didn't sound too bad as long as I wasn't in the middle of it. Memories of my own youthful barfly endeavors did manage to creep into my mind for awhile. As always though, the peacefulness of the setting sun over the Bay just calms me down and ever so quietly puts me in my place. We are absolutely not in charge.

Enjoy the evening pics.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Red Sky at Night, One Sailor's Delight!

This past Wednesday, I lost a friend and a neighbor I've enjoyed since coming to Peaks Island in the mid 1970's. Doug McVane passed away suddenly Wednesday night.

Doug was the first neighbor to greet us when we moved into our house and in those first few winters on the island, his and our lights were the only ones on our street. Doug was a "lifer"in the navy spending many years on submarines. When he retired, he returned to Peaks Island dropping his duffle bag on the porch of his island home where it still sits today.

Doug never married so we islanders were his family. He was a liberal's liberal devoting many of his hours on improving the life of islanders to whatever extent he could. He was a true environmentalist in the most basic way possible. I can't remember how many times I caught him walking the beach at the end of our street picking up trash and just enjoying the sea be it a clear sunny day or one of fog and drizzle.

Doug passed away suddenly while being transported to the mainland on the fireboat. Only fitting for a true sailor to end his time with us at sea.

Most every night, I'd see Doug walking through my neighbor's yard toting his walking stick to have a seat on their front stoop to watch the sunset. Sometime I'd join him for a chat about whether it was going to be a good one or just the normal above average one. On the Thursday evening after his passing, Jill took the camera and had a seat to watch the sun set in Doug's honor. It was a good one. Calm seas Doug!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Mid August Saturday

At long last, the rains, lightning and thunder ceased even if only for a day. The sun's rays descended on Peaks Island and the smiles almost grew as fast as the grass and weeds. It turned out to be a beautiful Saturday and shock of all shocks, the calendar of community events was pretty blank. It seems since the 4th of July weekend, Peaks Island has been on overdrive trying its best to cram way too many exciting activities into too short a summer. Art walks, art shows at the Gem, church days, road races, Peaksfest, reading groups, eclectic music of all shapes, sizes and sounds; I'm sorry I've reached overload. It was time to take a few hours off and head into town for a wonderful dinner with our son Josh and his wonderful wife Heather.

Of course, the boat landing was an utter zoo complete with day trippers, wedding attendees, renters, party goers and even a few islanders heading into town. Once the boat disgorged its latest visitors and a fresh load of departing vehicles were loaded, the hordes descended onto the boat. Of course, among the last to load were a few islanders just strolling on behind the crowd marching to their own sweet drumming time. The trip into town was filled with sights of the sun and some wonderful clouds.

Coming into Portland, we were greeted with sights of the schooners carrying their own visitors and the latest cruise ship towering over the sky line. Our tax dollars at work bringing more crowds into Portland for their valued trip to LL Bean in Freeport for shopping. At least it wasn't raining for the moment and it was a precious time well spent on Casco Bay. A much needed breather before the next raindrops descend on us all.

Monday, August 04, 2008

A Peaks Islander's 1st Lobster

Last week, Jill and I attended a very large, fun filled island party extravaganza. A simple gathering of 200 close friends----and, trust me, they really were. Nothing like fully celebrating the completion of large renovation projects on two houses complete with extensive landscaping as a prime reason to throw a party. It was indeed a party complete with catered lobster dining, a full band, numerous adult beverages and large tents everywhere. A wonderful way to say an island thank you to the many many individuals connected with a year long effort. All I could think of was clicking my sandals twice and no longer being on Peaks Island but rather Nantucket or Marthas Vinyard.

The highlight for me though was watching a rite of passage occur. Daisy is a wonderful young lady who will be leaving the island this Fall to continue her education in Portland at a Middle School. It was the perfect time for her to learn the secrets of eating a Maine lobster. It was a delight watching her face change as she considered the task ahead, pondered the eternal question of "do I really want to do this", accept the inevitable that yes, today was the day for this large leap of faith and finally, the face of enjoyment. Wonderful facial changes; enjoy every shot of a delightful individual. Good luck Daisy and thanks for the pictures.