Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So Long March!

After days of rain, clouds, fog and overall dreariness, we're crawling over the finish line of March. The last snow departed during the past rainy weekend. At long last we today had a bit of sun and managed to scrape a few wet leaves around and uncovered a few early spring flowers. Let the time of color begin and welcome to the annual Peaks Island Flower Show.
Of course, just walking around the yard is a bit depressing seeing everything that needs to be done but at long last we can at least see it. We've made it from the world of white to the world of brown on our way to the world of green. Hang in there folks, better days are on the way.

It is funny looking up the back road and seeing how much of that road was deposited in our yard during the plowing season. Oh well, this time of year gives us all much to do and at long last we're able to be outside. Of course, we still haven't put away the snow shovels. I've always believed that by putting them away, you guarantee one more snowstorm. I'll risk the laughter of my neighbors for no more snow. Bring on April and Opening Day at Fenway!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Beautiful Peaks Island Mud Season

It's definitely the wonderful time of mud. The snow has been melting, exposing lost tools, bikes, tricycles, bones and the rest of whatever we all forgot to put away last November. Early, early Spring has been visiting us off and on for the past week. Of course, there was one day of snow but what the hell, it's Peaks Island in March; what can we possibly expect? The winds have died down for the weekend, the sun has been shining and the temps have been above freezing. It's been a very good weekend.

It is the time that a strange feeling of "hope" begins to crawl into our collective consciousness. Of course, the first day of rain, snow, sleet et al comes crashing down on us and everyone then really gets the grumpies. We do love to chew on one another each and every March. One would think we would learn some lessons from the many March's gone by but each and every March it's always something that stirs us all up. I've often wondered why so many towns in Maine have their town meetings in mid March. I can't think of a better time to bring individuals together to talk about spending and taxes and create the perfect storm for an explosive situation.

It was fun taking some walks around the Island seeing the snow recede and the land begin to emerge. We all have a lot of yard work ahead of us but the thoughts of those times is very good---for today. Enjoy the neighborhood.